Where To Buy Beeswax

Where to Buy Beeswax – Locally!

Whether you want to make candles, de-wax your ears, finish a wooden surface, make candy, or so many other things, you need to know where to find the finest quality, locally sourced beeswax. Use the clickable map below to find out where to buy beeswax locally in your state!

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Just click on your state below to find out where to buy beeswax from a local supplier!

Where to Buy Beeswax - It's not that hard!Top Tips on Where To Buy Beeswax

People have used beeswax for thousands of years. For commercial businesses, beeswax is an integral ingredient in insulation, beauty products, food processing, and in medical manufacturing. This is also a useful item to have at home as it helps in a variety of things. For homemade craft making, it can be used for lubrication to waterproofing leather, polishing furniture, soap and candle making, concocting homemade cosmetics, and so on. Considered as a prized ingredient in innumerable things, it has a distinct sweet smell that also aids in purifying indoor air. Unless you plan to have your own bee farm right, knowing where to buy beeswax in the form you want might be on top of your list.

What is Beeswax Used For?

But what really is it used for? In ancient times, beeswax is used by Egyptians to embalm the dead, and preserve and protect artistic work in their tombs. Planes and weapons also used this as protective coating. If you look carefully on some of the health and beauty products, like dental floss, lip balm, lotion, soap, and other cosmetics, one distinctive ingredient is beeswax. It is sometimes called as cera alba, cera flava, or apis mellifera.

A top lubricant, this is renowned for its use in oiling and keeping tools and hardware sharp. At home, you can use this as a means to lubricate and protect screws, sewing machines, door hinges, sticky windows, and sinks. Apart from metal, beeswax is also great for maintaining and protecting wood like that of guitars, ukulele, and flute. It can be used as a natural wood finish and sealant, too. Additionally, this is also a superior item for waterproofing your leather.

For those who have sweet tooth, making candies with the use of beeswax as coating on the molds is a breath of fresh air. This makes candies uniformly pop out when through. It can also be used to glaze fruits. Natural chewing gums also have beeswax as a main ingredient.

Beeswax, however, is popularly known in making candles. You do not have to add additional scents as it has a natural sweet-smelling aroma. Most people prefer beeswax candles as it has no soot, can be used longer, burn neatly and emits a distinctive relaxing smell. So it is really important to find out where to buy beeswax for these purposes.

Types of Beeswax

Before you search where to buy beeswax, it is important to know what type you are interested in. There are 5 types of beeswax available in the market, namely:

By Region

Beeswax is classified according to European or Oriental. European types often have lower saponification time than Oriental types.

Filtered Beeswax

This ensures zero presence of debris usually associated with raw beeswax. Filtering process can range from heavy to light. Heavy filtering often result in translucent coloring and zero honey scent. Lightly filtered ones, however, retain its natural sweet smell and yellowish color amidst filtering done.

Blended Beeswax

This involves mixing beeswax with another type of wax. Some use paraffin or other items to make the wax burn longer.

Bleached Beeswax

This one is known as ivory or white beeswax, and is customarily used for cosmetics and colored beeswax candle-making. This usually involves sun-bleaching or filtering using chemical treatment. This results into an odorless product.

Raw Beeswax

This one is the very wax gathered straight from a beehive. Debris is not filtered. No refining treatment done whatsoever.

Places to Buy Beeswax

So, where to buy beeswax? Take your pick from whole foods and craft stores, bee farms, local farmers, and e-commerce sites. The US being a top producer and exporter of beeswax globally has an array of large-scale bee farms and factories as well as local farmers that produce this product. You can check out some of the top manufacturers like:

  • Big Dipper Wax Works in Seattle
  • Jedwards International in New England
  • Better Bee in Greenwich, New York
  • Brushy Mountain Bee Farm in North Carolina
  • Durham’s Bee Farm in Memphis
  • Honey Creek Bee Farm in Georgia, and so on
  • Check out also your local farmer’s market for any local produce in your area.
    • Alabama, Alaska, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming are some of the states which have bee farms.

Whole foods and craft stores near you often have some on their rack. Most of these stores usually carry filtered, bleached or blended varieties. For easy and convenient buying, the Internet gives you a lot more options than you can imagine. Take note about your purpose and the type of beeswax needed when placing an order though. You really have come to the right place to find out where to buy beeswax.

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  • I’m looking for bees wax in pure solid form. I want to use it to fill joints between slabs of slate on a pool table.