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Beeswax Sheets – Arts and Crafts wouldn’t be the same without them!

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Beeswax sheets are very useful in many industries. Their functionality made them so popular in many areas such as arts, foodstuff and beauty. If you are still trying to learn more about Beeswax and Beeswax sheets, here’s a short yet comprehensive reading to help you familiarize with Beeswax and its benefits.

What are Beeswax sheets?

As the name implies, beeswax and its sheets are organic products coming from bees. The beeswax is gathered and shaped into beeswax sheets ready for use in different ways. Among its well-known application is as a roll in making natural crafty candles.

Why is Beeswax preferred over other waxes?

Unlike other kinds of wax materials, Beeswax is usually prepared without any chemical addition and preservatives. Therefore, beeswax and its sheets are naturally safe and edible. These are among the reasons why they are widely used in beauty products such as;

Beeswax Sheets

  • Eye liners
  • Blush makeup
  • Eye shadows

Aside from pharmaceutical industries, food preparers also use beeswax as a reusable seal or wrap.

When used as candles, its unadulterated form makes it suitable for individuals who have low tolerance to smoke and other by-products when candles are burnt. In addition, beeswax sheets produce clean and pure residues that are hypo-allergenic for highly sensitive individuals.

Beeswax Sheets

Other Benefits of Beeswax

  • Beeswax performs better than other wax materials. The sheets when formed into candles burn longer. Furthermore, unlike other candles they leave no “ooze” or drips.
  • Beeswax candles provide brighter and clearer lights.
  • It can also function like an aromatic herb. It offers a stimulating effect to the body and emits a natural sweet or honey scent as the candle burns.
  • In arts and crafts, beeswax is used in painting, décor making and in fabric dyeing.Using Beeswax Sheets - A Great Kids Activity
  • Due to its safe components, Beeswax sheets are highly recommended for kids’ arts and craft-works needs. Youcan now enjoy candle making activities with your kids. Since Beeswax don’t carry harmful elements like other waxes, you can provide easy and enjoyable Arts lessons with minimal supervision.

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