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Organic Beeswax – The Health Benefits

Organic Beeswax - a Bright Idea

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Organic beeswax candles are a far better alternative to candles made from synthetic wax or paraffin oil. This is because candles made from paraffin or synthetic wax can adversely affect our health when burnt. Organic beeswax is a completely natural product that does not have side effects. The following are the major benefits of burning candles made from organic beeswax.


Health benefits of burning candles made from organic beeswax

Organic Beeswax is environmentally friendly:

Organic beeswax candles are friendly to the environment as opposed to paraffin wax candles. Paraffin wax candles have pollutants and petrochemicals which adversely affect our health. Organic beeswax candles do not emit any nasty toxins because they do not have any artificial additives.

Organic Beeswax - a Bright Idea

Natural ionizer:

When burned, organic beeswax produces produce negative ions. Negative ions improve our health by cleaning the air that we breathe. It does this by removing the tiny pollutant particles, and in the process, the quality of air that we breathe improves. These negative ions are found in surroundings such as rainforests and waterfalls. The ions improve the circulation of oxygen in our bodies and have been shown to improve our moods.

Naturally fragranced:

Organic Beeswax - Fragrance Extreme

Organic beeswax contains the purest fragrances offered by nature because it is sourced primarily from the flowers visitedby the bees. When you burn your candle, you will enjoy the great pollen and nectar aroma that were collected by the bees. The darker beeswax is, the more fragrant it will be. There are no negative health issues associated with the burning of organic beeswax candles as opposed to candles that contain added fragrances.

Organic Beeswax - Made by BEES!Healthy alternative:

Burning organic beeswax candles may help to relieve asthma and fever by reducing the amounts microscopic particles afloat in the air. The negative ions emitted during the burning cling to the, odors, pollen or dust particles that are positively charged. This makes the particles heavy, so they drop to the ground.


What makes organic beeswax so much better than regular beeswax?


Most of the candles sold nowadays have ingredients that are toxic to our health. Most of the candles are produced to appeal to our Organic Beeswax Candlessenses, yet they are detrimental to our health. An example is the addition of fragrance. Some candles being sold contain fragrances that cover up the unpleasant odors of the products used to make the candles. So when you buy these types of candles, you will be polluting the air that you breathe as opposed to cleaning it. Makers of candles use fragrances to cover up neutral or repulsive odors. Such candles, whether they are made from paraffin or synthetic oils are toxic when burned.
Petrochemicals are used to make paraffin wax candles. Petrochemicals are as toxic as car exhaust fumes. They also contain some hardeners, colorings and bleaches that make them look appealing to a buyer, yet they are very harmful t our bodies.


Similar to chocolate, organic beeswax develops a velvety soft bloom on top of its surface. They have brighter flames than most paraffin candles.


Organic beeswax is very economical as compared to other types of candles. As opposed to paraffin candles, organic beeswax candles:

  • Drip less
  • Smoke less 
  • Can burn up to 5 times longer!

So despite being expensive initially, they will save you money in the long run.

So there it is, the evidence is quite convicing. It’s time to get rid of those toxic parafin candles and replace them with healthy long lasting organic beeswax candles!

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    I am a candle maker in Longmont Colorado. I would like to know what your wholesale price per pound for rough filtered beeswax is for 600 lb quantities. I usually use about 2,400 lbs a year.



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