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Quality Beeswax For Sale

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 There are so many uses for beeswax. It is a natural substance made from the work of bees and is a unique product that never spoils. Beeswax has been found in ancient remains and it is still in usable condition. In your search to find beeswax for sale you need to have a few facts about this product.

Quality Beeswax for sale

Quality beeswax for sale has not been overheated. Quality beeswax has been heated at a low temperature to retain its golden color and alluring aroma. Here is a guide on melting beeswax:

  • Solid at room temperature
  • Semi-soft at 80 – 90 degrees
  • Melts at 145 – 147 degrees

Softening Or Melting Beeswax

Anytime you use a higher heat to melt beeswax you risk losing that great golden color and the distinct aroma that is a desired quality of beeswax.

If the beeswax has been heated at too high a temperature it will become slightly brown and will not have that great smell.

Beeswax for SaleWhen you use your beeswax for your projects, you need to either soften it by letting it sit in hot tap water for a few minutes and it will get a putty feeling. If you need it melted to mold it you need to use a double boiler. You put it in a pan and then put that pan in hot boiling water so you don’t burn it.

Finding Beeswax For Sale

There are many places that handle beeswax. You can find it at a local farmers or country markets. There are commercial businesses that sell it. Many online websites handle it and it can even be found in local supermarkets or specialty stores.

Finding quality beeswax for sale isn’t too complicated but you need to be sure that you obtain the best quality for what you are using it for. Golden in color and a sweet smell is the trademark of the best beeswax.

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